UpcyclePop Eco Holiday Market is a one-day creative place to play, explore and shop sustainably for the holidays. An interactive market for upcycled and repurposed items along with artist demos, music, fashion show, panel discussion, and surprise performances. This year’s gallery exhibit is  Carts for the Arts, which is highlighting the vaping waste problem. Free event with free parking.

Knowing it is impossible to indefinitely run a linear system on a finite planet, Upcyclepop introduces circular economy principles into a fun engaging experience. Remake, play, shop, eat and get creative.

We practice sustainability and strive to make this a zero-waste event. Please …no single-use plastics. Bring your own mug, wine glass or useable cup to fill up on kombucha, wine, mimosas or beer. All going to a good cause – a nonprofit dedicated to creating a kind, creative, inclusive and sustainable future for all beings. UpcyclePop is located at the Atrium – A Creative Innovation Center for Sustainability.

Free Parking – 110 spots

Wheelchair Accessible  |.   Sustainable Holiday Shopping


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Muay Thai Tournament Event at The Atrium

Sacramento Sparring Tournament

This Sacramento Sparring Tournament of Muay Thai is a sport that has strong respect principles and rituals. Happening April 20th at The Atrium.

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand. It was developed several hundreds of years ago as a form of close-combat that utilizes the entire body as a weapon.

Today its definitive origins are debated by modern scholars, as much of the Muay Thai history was lost when the Burmese ransacked Ayudhaya, Siam’s capital city in Thailand, during the 14th century.

Most written Muay Thai history was lost when the Burmese looted the temples and depositories of knowledge held in Ayudhaya, and what volumes were saved are now national treasures that are preserved and protected as documentation for Thai culture and heritage.

In 1238 (Buddhist years), the first Thai army was created in the northern city of Sukhothai, Siam being its capital. The recorded history shows that a need to defend the capital city was spawned by many wars being fought between neighboring tribes and kingdoms. The Siamese army was created to protect the government and its inhabitants within the city and surrounding villages. Soldiers were taught hand-to-hand combat and how to use weapons, as well as how to use the entire body as a weapon. Their training is what eventually evolved into Muay Thai and Krabi Krabong.

Learning the military arts or “Muay Thai” became engrained in the culture of the early Siamese people. With the constant threat of war, training centers slowly began to appear throughout the kingdom. These were the first Muay Thai camps. Young men practiced the art form for various reasons: self-defense, exercise, discipline; monks even instructed at many Buddhist temples, passing down knowledge and history from one generation to the next.

As Muay Thai became popular with the poor and common people, it also became a required staple for the high-class and royalty. The two sons of King Phokhun Sri In Tharatit, the first King of Sukhothai, were sent to learn at the Samakorn training center. The common idea was that: good warriors made brave leaders and this would prepare them as future rulers of the kingdom.

Phokhun Ram Khamhaeng university is named after the writer of the first ancient text of Muay Thai. It is located in Bangkok along with the Sport Authority of Thailand.

Laughter Yoga Meetup Sacramento

Treat yourself to a joyful, stress-releasing hour to pamper your right brain! Our laughter Yoga Class combines deep yogic breathing with spontaneous laughter exercises, clapping, chaniting, mime and music. All ages and levels of fitness welsome. No mats or poses are required. Wear comfy clothing and a smile! And please bring an eco-friendly water bottle.