Upcyclepop was featured on the Fox40 live morning show on the opening day of our first UpcyclePOP on December 14, 2017. Here is what they wrote:

From old dishware to retro furniture pieces, to straight-up trash, items are seen in an innovative fresh way are built up into works of art.It’s called upcycling and you can find local artists displaying, selling and teaching about their work at the UPcyclePOP event happening through Sunday, December 17, 2017 in Sacramento.

“They are going to say, ‘That’s made out of what? Like that was what?'” UPcyclePOP organizer Shira Lane said. Nick Lopez got tired of burning old fence wood and now creates beautifully handcrafted sculptures out of chopped-up pieces of scrap wood.”You don’t have to buy it and that’s what it was for me. I didn’t have a lot of money to buy a bunch of raw materials to start making my art,” Lopez said. “I just used what was there.”

Magnus Rubsam takes the 1950s and 60s television sets and restores them using original parts while keeping the clean mid-century look.Most of his TVs he picks up on the side of the road.”Once I get the set I take it all apart and then look it over and determine what’s exactly needed what parts I have on hand that are going to fit and everything pretty much has to be built from scratch,” he said.

Lane says the goal of this UPcyclePOP is to inspire people to think of innovative ways to reuse their trash, to prevent garbage from accumulating on our planet. “So I hope that they will start looking at things that they have at their home and instead of going into the trash,” Lane said. “They’ll be like, ‘Wait a minute, there is something we can do something with this.'”

For more information on UPcyclePOP, click here.