Creative Economy Meeting and Panel with Mayor, Darrell Steinberg

This monthly Creative Economy meeting will host a panel discussion on the financial future of the Creative Economy - “Funding Strategies for Arts and the Creative Economy”.

The panel - Sacramento Mayor, Darrell Steinberg, Julie Baker, Executive Director of Californians for the Arts and Dennis Mangers, Strategic Advisor to the Mayor. Moderated by Bill Blake, former managing director of B Street wit ha Q&A session.

All interested members of the public are invited with free parking. Held at The Atrium, a Creative Innovation Center for Sustainability, where creative individuals come together to use their creativity for the common good.

For more information - Maya Wallace created #SAVESACARTS

Why is this meeting so important?


The head of the City’s Convention and Cultural Services Department collaborated with her staff, produced a budget proposal for FY 2019/20 and forwarded it to the City Manager as directed. She proposed an allocation of $760,000 for next year which represents only the restoration of the .5 % of the TOT (Transient Occupancy Tax) taken from her department during the last recession.

But, as she reported to Commissioners at the recent meeting of SMAC, the City Manager denied even this modest request and informed her that any funding for the implementation of the Creative Edge would have to be secured through the competitive Measure U Committee process.

The $500,000 one-time allocation directed to the department by the Mayor as he assumed office was not renewed by the City Manager and with the imminent separation of SMAC from the County, another $400,000 is likely to be lost as well. BOTTOM-LINE, if the city arts budget for next year remains as proposed by the City Manager, there will be no money for grants to artists and non -profits working with kids in our underserved neighborhoods, there will be no money for the next phase of the Creative Economy Pilot Program, there will be no money for arts education and no hope of implementing the objectives of the recently adopted cultural plan!

We hope you find that as unacceptable as we do and will join us in demanding a different outcome.

The timeline for budget consideration is as follows:

April 23- 2019/20 proposed budget released by City Manager

April 30- Proposed budget reviewed by the Budget and Audit Committee (Entire City Council) BE THERE!

May 14- Proposed budget overview of smaller department budgets by Council. BE THERE!

May 21- Council budget hearings 2 and 5 PM. BE THERE!

May 28- Budget hearing if needed. BE THERE!

June 4- Proposed budget approved by the Budget and Audit Committee. BE THERE!

June 11- Approval of budget by the city council. BE THERE!

Our first advocacy steps should be as follows and should commence as soon as possible: Call the City Manager’s office at 916-808-7488 to protest the proposed zero budget for the arts and support the 2.2 million alternative. Also, email him at and copy Assistant City manager for Economic Development, Michael Jasso at

Call the Mayor’s office at 916-808-5300, again protesting the proposed zero budget for arts and lobbying strongly for him and the council to embrace the 2.2-million-dollar alternative. Go online to the City website, click on the mayor’s office and fill out the form.

Copy emails or generate specific and personalized ones to all council members and call their offices:

District 1- CM Angelique Ashby 916-808-7001,

District 2- CM Allen Warren 916-808-7002,

District 3- CM Jeff Harris 916-808-7003,

District 4- CM Steve Hansen 916-916-808-7004,

District 5- CM Jay Schenirer 916-808-7005,

District 6- Vice-Mayor Eric Guerra 916-808-7006,

District 7- CM Rick Jennings 916-808-7007,

District 8- Cm Larry Carr 916-808-7008,

Please circulate this ALERT to all individuals, and organizations in the arts, culture and creative economy sector and allies. All staff, board members, subscribers, patrons, etc. should be urged to make these calls and send emails. Let them know we will be organizing interested parties to go to the city hall for personal meetings with mayor and council and attending and speaking at City council meetings.

Many worked hard for two years on former Mayor Kevin Johnson’s “For Art's Sake” initiative only to find at the end that the City was not prepared to provide any resources to fund its recommendations. For the last two years, hundreds of us participated in the Creative Edge cultural planning process and strongly supported Measure U having been told that this time things would be different

The economy is strong, and revenues are high. If they do this now, what will they do when the inevitable recession hits.? The arts are a core city service, every bit as important as police, fire, public works, parks or any other sector of city responsibility. Creative Arts Heals.


UPcyclePOP #3 Art Installation by Lillie Mott


Good Day Sacramento at UPcyclePOP for its third Remade in Sacramento event.

UPcyclePOP,  Fathers Summer, is the third event from production company Unleashed Productions within 7 months. A unique playful pop-up market for artistically repurposed art, furniture, fashion, home design, and inventions. Watch artists repurpose discarded items into works of art and find the perfect sustainable fathers day gift. Sip wine or beer for a good cause, play with the interactive art installations, enjoy live music, open mike and shop sustainably. Support our local creative economy and have fun.

All beer and wine proceeds go to the non-profit MusicLandria, Sacramento’s free musical library, dedicated to breaking down the barriers to musical exploration. The event is free, open to the public with free parking.

UPcyclePOP is Americas first upcycle market, started by Shira Lane, who is a leading advocate of ‘upcycling’, encouraging people to find new uses for discarded items. The goal of the event is to increase environmental awareness in regards to our throwaway economy, and in the process, we are boosting our local creative economy. Good upcycling is an art form.

Remake, play, shop, eat and get creative.

Saturday, June 9th, 2018

7300 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento

Noon- 6pm

Full publication can be found on CBS Good Day Sacramento

20180211 Upcyclepop Valentines 2018


Five playful ways to start celebrating with your Valentine this weekend. UPcyclePOP‘s Valentine’s Day market will feature upcycled works from local artists, mural painting, a pop-up theater and more. Looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift? This interactive pop-up market, which hosted its inaugural event in December, will feature the upcycled works of over 40 local makers, including Mike Jones, who turns antique barn materials into functional furniture, Mira Cukrov, who makes earrings out of bicycle tubes, and Kaden Hill, who converts anything from tackle boxes to suitcases into Bluetooth speakers. Visitors can also rewrite scripts and watch performances at a pop-up theater, help local artist Tony Byrnes paint a permanent mural on a large indoor wall with the hashtag #LoveUp, as well as create heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cards out of recycled construction paper and cardboard.

Full Article on Sactown Magazine. 

20180211 Upcyclepop Valentines 2018

Photography by Kachiside Madu - Upcyclepop Dec 2017 event. Remade in Sacramento - America's first upcycle market.


UpcyclePOP, America’s first upcycle Market was created as a place for artists to band together with the common goal of sustainability and kindness. A playful fun interactive market that is inquisitive and inspiring. The goal is to bond circular economy principles with the local creative economy, to sustainably strengthen and enrich the community.

UPcyclePOP is an eco-holiday pop-up market and workspace for artistically repurposed and upcycled art, furniture, fashion, home design and inventions. Watch artists create works of art from discarded items, try out a workshop or two and play with the interactive art installations and then rock out to a different band in the evening. UPcyclePOP is free to the public with free parking. Knowing it is impossible to indefinitely run a linear system on a finite planet, we are doing something about it with UPcyclePOP, America’s first upcycle market.  Remake, play, shop, eat and get creative with UpcyclepopThese are some pictures from our first event and America’s first-ever upcycle market – UpcyclePOP, Remade in Sacramento.