We launched America's first Upcycle Market in December 2017 for fun and kicks and kind of haven't stopped. It is a fun ride, and we hope to grow the movement of creative eco products to move the needle towards a more circular economy.

If you are interested in being an eco-artist vendor, please apply with the form to the right (or below if you are on mobile). Once confirmed (via email) you will be in our artist database and will receive artists communications on vending opportunities, upcoming events, grants, and Upcycle Pop updates. Our eco holiday market is artistic, kind, educational and creatively inspiring. It is a family-friendly market for upcycled/repurposed furniture, home decor, fashion, and inventions. During market open hours, artists are encouraged to be actively creating on location for the public to appreciate the work involved. Artists are welcomed to do workshops and all workshop proceeds go directly to the artist.

This is a new interactive shopping experience where the public gets to meet the artists, watch them work, participate and possibly learn a thing or two. In the process, the public gets to support local artists, by purchasing functional art pieces or commissioning the artists for other projects and the public leaves inspired to do more about waste diversion.

Artists who are interested in selling, creating an interactive art installation or seeking artist co-working space are invited to apply with the form to the right. We have two main requirements:

  1. That you make dope repurposed / eco stuff or have a talent that can be utilized.
  2. You are a kind person that works well with others. Our goal is to make this transformative for the public and fun and profitable for the artists.

To be added to our Artist Communication List and to gain access to our ARTIST ONLY section... Please sign up with the form to the right. We need to know a little about you and see your work to see if you are a fit for Upcycle Pop. Sacramento has amazing artists who are crazy crafty and we want to celebrate them. We also have the UpcyclePOP Art Lab, an artistic co-working space for artists who are into upcycling, reclaiming and repurposing. Please contact us to let us know that you are interested in taking a tour.

Thank you, with kindness

UPcyclePOP - America's first Upcycle Market - picture of lamp sold

This light, by Old E Metalworks, sold at UpcyclePOP #1 - December 14-17

Rare Bird Stereos turns anything into a Bluetooth stereo that sounds awesome!

Nick Lopez - Upcyclepop Americas's first upcycle market

Nick Lopez, takes found fence wood and converts it into stunning pieces of art.

These are only some of the many amazing artists who participated in Upcyclepop - Remade in Sacramento, America's first upcycle market.