UpcyclePop is an outdoor art market for upcycled and eco-friendly items located in the historic district of the Old Sacramento Waterfront. The market happens every Saturday. Times of the market fluctuates with the weather. This unique and boutique Sacramento Art Market will operate this summer (2021) Saturdays from 10:30 am to 2 pm. (Before it gets too hot). In the Winter we will hold a large one-day holiday event.

Upcycle Pop is a place to meet local eco-friendly makers and possibly watch artists create works of art from discarded items. Experience Art installations and activities, be served art and paint your own canvas, and play with our baby grand piano and interactive art installations. Remake, play, shop, eat and get creative.  A fun experience outdoors that adheres to current Covid protections.

Upcycle Pop is a program of the nonprofit Up Kindness, Inc - also known as THE ATRIUM  A Creative innovation Center for Sustainability. The Atrium has many programs from artist studios, to an online marketplace called Sacramento.Shop and even a TV series. Atrium i916 s a place for eco-minded creatives to find each other, find solutions together and help build the kind, creative, and sustainable future this planet needs.  At the Atrium, you will find a group of diverse creative businesses and creatives solving tomorrow's problems -  today.

Knowing it is impossible to indefinitely run a linear system on a finite planet, our goal is to accelerate the circular economy.

Upcycle Pop Market Videos



If you're not up on the green lingo, the best way to think of upcycling is that it's like a sexier, even greener version of recycling. Upcycling adds value by transforming or reinventing an otherwise-disposable item into something of higher quality. It's the ultimate in reuse--and we believe a whole new industry sector is shaping up around it. Old Jeans are turned into reusable shopping bags, pallets turned into urban chic furniture and plastic bottles into Geodesic Sphere Chandeliers.

UPcyclePOP is a multi layered connected shopping experience. A play place for all ages to find creative upcycled pieces of art, fashion, furniture and inventions. Shoppers get to meet and watch artists create.